1- Interactive Dashboard

Graphic chart with total rent collection for paid and unpaid collection

2- Properties and Units

Save all properties details and units data

3- Contract

Add contract with all Tenant data customize contract print copy.

Flexibility to Extend contract

End Contract OR print contract copy from the system

4- Rent Collection:

Auto calculation and generate all contract payments with all due amount with print the rent receipt

5- Deposits

Add deposit and refund paymentsPrint deposit receipt


Add tenant details as person or company

7- Maintances

Add maintanence contract with the perdoic payment and expenses

8- Full Reports

Full Section for reporting all Required data for management

  • Report for all properties details
  • Report for units with unit status
  • Report for contracts active and ended
  • Report for monthly Rent collection
  • Report for all deposits and refund
  • Report with unit avaliablity
  • Report for maintanence contracts
9- Full Dynamic website with content control
10- Dynamic Users and premissions